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Low Water Pressure in your Milwaukee County House?

No Water? Might Require a New Well Pump … Or Something Else

We’re used to having water readily available. Just turn on the faucet, or shower, or hose, and it spills out. The mechanical part barely registers. The water’s just reliably there.


So when something interrupts this stability, the shock is unmistakable and immediate. Minimal water pressure in the house? Worse yet, suddenly no water in the house? Yikes. Time to panic.


Maybe yes … or no.


If you have no water pressure in your Milwaukee County house – kaput, out, dry, nothing coming from any faucet or spigot – very likely you need a new well pump. This pump, often called a water pump, drives water from the ground into your water system’s pressure tank. It awaits use in a sink, shower or toilet.


Well pumps typically work for 15 to 20 years. Their duration can be shorter or longer, based on the water being circulated and how they’re used. Their health often is linked with condition of the pressure tank, as well – replacement of both at the same time is a regular occurrence.


What is the reason for no water pressure in the house? The first step is to call Kelly James Service, the well pump and water solutions provider in Milwaukee County. Their knowledgeable team will analyze your situation, and have your water up and running within hours.


A well pump isn’t always the reason behind no water in the house. Sometimes an underground electrical wire breaks – a very fixable issue. Diagnosing power connections is always the first step undertaken by Kelly James Service.


If it is a well pump, though … then why? These pumps stop working for many reasons. Age is inevitable. Water with high iron content will significantly shorten pump life.


So will running water for hours on end, such as filling a pool or watering grass. These pursuits can lower the underground water table which, if it plummets too far, can cause the water-cooled pump to overheat.


Minimal water pressure in a Milwaukee County home is a different situation, albeit usually less serious. This condition manifests itself in toilets filling slowly, or weak water output from faucets or showers. Sometimes water spits out irregularly, indicating air in the line.


The problem might be a plugged iron filter – again, for Milwaukee County homes with high iron content in water.


Otherwise, the problem usually ties to the pressure tank. Reduced or fluctuating water pressure means the well pump is short-cycling. The tank can’t sustain adequate pressure, forcing the pump to consistently turn on and off. Obviously, this takes a toll on the pump’s health.


Frankly, minimal water pressure in a home is a headache. It’s a problem that doesn’t just fix itself, either. Ignoring the issue only makes it worse, as pricey machinery can be damaged or break down entirely.


The proactive decision – whether you have reduced water pressure in a house, or none at all – is to contact Kelly James Service. With more than three decades’ experience of finding water solutions, their professionals will get your water pouring again. It will be once again at your fingertips – precisely as you expect it to be.  We are your proud Milwaukee County well pump service professionals!


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