About Kelly James Service

Are Water Problems Making Your Blood Boil?

Water surrounds us in the beautiful Lake Country in southeastern Wisconsin. Yet we can still encounter problems with the water in our homes.

No water in a house. Low water pressure. Iron in the water.

Don't let water problems leave you wet with frustration or anger. Kelly James Service is your go-to resource for well pump service and water problems. Our water problem specialists have taken care of you and your friends in Waukesha, Dodge and Jefferson counties for more than 20 years.

Why have we stayed in business? It's simple. We're your neighbor. We see our customers at the grocery store, in restaurants, at the post office, and around town. You expect honest, efficient service. We deliver it, day in and day out.

If your well is not working, or hard water is pounding your plumbing, contact us today. We'll never soak you. It's just not what neighbors do.