Questions About Water Pumps, Water Smell or Anything Home Water Related? We Have Answers...

There is a couple answers to this question.


First, it could be that your well pump has finally lived out its life. 


Second, it could be that the lateral pipe buried from you well casing to your house has ruptured. 


Third, the compositor in your well pumps control panel has broken due to a sudden high load of amps.


Fourth, it could be that the drop pipe that is hooked to your pump has a hole in it or is broken completely. 


And fifth, it could be as simple as a pressure switch issue, and sixth it could be an issue with wire that is run underground from the well casing all the way to the pressure switch.

Most of the time if it’s a gas water heater that is not very old it could be as simple as a gas valve or burner assembly.


For an electric water heater, it could be a broken element or thermostat.


If it’s a power-vent water heater (has a blower on the top and plugs into an outlet) they have an additional sensor that locks out the gas valve, so the burner assembly under the water heater stops admitting a flame.


But the most common reason for all the above water heaters to stop working is they are leaking.    

When the plunger is not doing the trick anymore it’s time to get your toilet cleaned out by a toilet snake, but sometimes we will have to lift the toilet to further investigate if its farther down your sewer line.

Most homes are equipped with a bladder style tank which is where there is a rubber bladder that fills with water while compressed air on the outside creates the water pressure.


A less common tank would be an Air Volume Control style. This system relies on bleeders in the well to let water drain out of the lateral pipe and when the pump rushed water into the tank it brings air along with it to charge tank with air, and finally the galvanized tank.


This is a very old school style of tank, and this would be a galvanized steel tank that you have to add air to manually about twice a year, which most people would get that system converted to a bladder tank if they ever any issues.     

If you are experiencing orange staining in your toilets, showers, bathtubs, and sinks it is time for an iron filter.

An iron filter is a two-tank system that removes iron and sulfur from your water through bringing out the impurities in the water in the first tank and goes in the second mineral tank to pull the impurities out.

The smell is coming from high levels of sulfur.

Most likely a broken pipe inside the well or the pipe underground.

Could be a waterlogged pressure tank or a broken pipe.