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Well Pump Keeps Running? No Pressure – but it’s Probably Your Well Pressure Tank

“It seems like our well pump is operating all the time.”


If this resembles your water system, there’s a professional term for it: “short cycling.” No sooner does the pump stop operating, than it starts up all over. It’s desperately working to sustain pressure within the system.


Why? The well pressure tank, which contains water drawn from the well prior to use, has an issue. The precise issue depends on the type of water pressure tank.


Most likely it’s “waterlogging,” which happens in a bladder tank. These well pressure tanks, the most common type, hold water in a bladder inside their metal shells. Surrounding air presses on the balloon, keeping the water under pressure.


All is well until the bladder breaks … and the air pocket fills with water. Bye-bye, water pressure.


Homeowners in Washington County, it’s time to replace the tank … which necessitates a call to Kelly James Service, the well water pressure tank specialists in Washington County. They’ll put in a new pressure tank the same day, and stop your well pump’s endless short-cycling.


Air spitting from faucets? It’s another symptom of a broken bladder. If the problem isn’t already fatal, it soon will be.


Not all Washington County homes with well water systems have bladder tanks. Some use an air volume control tank, part of the well’s vertical in-ground pipe. The system uses bleeders, which allow a modulated amount of water into the pipe. The water creates an air pocket, which generates pressure when the pump cycles to push in additional water.


Problems start when these bleeders become stopped up over time, reducing the starting water level in the pipe. With less water, pressure in the system drops. The pump cycles in an endless effort to provide additional water to sustain sufficient pressure, and keep the system operating.


A third type of well water pressure tank is made of galvanized metal, which annually. Typically found in older homes, these tanks eventually leak. Like an air volume control tank, the well pump operates near-constantly to sustain pressure as the internal water level diminishes.


Galvanized and air volume control tanks can also suffer from mineral buildups. These restrict water flow from the tank into the home. Low water pressure results. Again, replacement is the only viable option.


Washington County residents: Tired of hearing your well pump run constantly? Let Kelly James Service bring back the peace – not to mention water pressure – that you appreciate. You’ll be amazed how short a time it takes them to stop your pump’s short-cycling.

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