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Clogged Drain? Sump Pump Installation? Our Plumbing Services Keep Your Life Flowing in Milwaukee County!

Water is necessary for life. Mishandled, though, it can quickly become a disruptive, destructive and expensive force.


One error with a plumbing project can result in disaster. Why take a chance? If you have challenges with anything related to water – pipes, fixtures, toilets or even sump pumps – call Kelly James Service, the best plumbing services contractor in Milwaukee County.


Kelly James Service repairs virtually every residential plumbing situation. There’s no problem they haven’t encountered, nor challenge that won’t get their full attention.


Take stopped drains, for example. Over time, cast-iron drain pipes grow sharp edges on their interiors. The pitted surface grabs hair, toilet paper, feminine products, or anything else that’s flushed. Eventually, they form a mass. Similarly, accrued hair, toothpaste or food waste can create a stopped drain in a bathroom or kitchen.


If a drain pipe is clogged, Kelly James Service goes after it with a motorized cleaner. Snaked down the pipe, it quickly breaks up the obstruction and reopens the passageway.


Has a faucet stopped working in your Milwaukee County home … or you just want a new one? Kelly James Service will install a new kitchen or bathroom faucet. No need for you to twist around underneath a sink cupboard, trying to line up a fixture with its holes!


New toilets can be installed in short order, too. If a toilet is leaking at the bottom, Kelly James Service will determine if a wax ring replacement is all that’s needed.


Speaking of leaking, many shower valves develop this condition. Replacing a shower valve might not be required if the fixture is newer – a cartridge swap will do. Older models usually require shower valve replacement.


Leaking water pipes, most often of galvanized metal, are another situation. Often the first evidence is water stains on a ceiling or wall. Again, age is often at fault for the pipe’s deterioration.


During a leaking water pipe repair, don’t settle for a short, cutout replacement pipe section with compression fittings, which can fail (and create another leak). Kelly James Service only replaces complete pipe sections, using full lengths and the highest-quality fittings.


A leaking drain pipe – typically under a sink – should be replaced with PVC piping. A leaky toilet, where the tank meets the bowl, points to a bad seal. A new toilet is in order for your Milwaukee County residence.


Ever go in the basement after a heavy rain, and find water on the floor? You might need a sump pump replacement. Kelly James Service is a veteran sump pump installer. If you don’t hear your sump pump operating during a rainstorm, don’t forget to check – and call if it’s not working!


Finally, no do-it-yourselfer should try a natural gas line installation. A mistake can literally be explosive. Instead, contact a gas line plumber such as Kelly James Service to install the natural gas line – whether to a grill, fireplace, dryer or range.


Plumbing isn’t a task for beginners or “I think I can do this” types. Let Kelly James Service do the hard, sometimes messy work of helping your Milwaukee County home function (and flow) better. The alternative outcome can be decidedly unwelcome!

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