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Milwaukee County Residents: If Your Water Heater is Leaking, Don’t Go Frigid Before Calling for Service!

You go down into your Milwaukee County basement or lower level, and … splash. What’s this? Why is there water where there shouldn’t be?


The source usually isn’t hard to locate. Unless you’re facing an unforeseen, really serious plumbing issue, in all likelihood the hot water heater is leaking. It’s inevitable. A water leak in the water heater happens to everyone in Milwaukee County eventually.


You might have even perceived signals. Was less hot water suddenly available? Did hot showers inexplicably turn cold? The water heater was transmitting a message.


If the water heater’s leaking, it’s not going to stop. Better call Kelly James Service, the water heater repair, replacement and installation specialists in Milwaukee County. They’ll halt the mess and put in a new water heater within hours.


What will the replacement be? Typically, it’s apples for apples. An electric heater is replaced with another. Ditto for gas heaters.


Before calling Kelly James Service about your hot water heater leaking, note the capacity (in gallons), brand and height of the unit. Relay this information, so they bring a replacement.


Water heaters last 10 years on average. Their lives are an endless battle against contents of the water they heat. High acidity, iron and calcium all take a toll.


Calcium is the biggest enemy. The mineral destroys a heater’s mechanicals. Even when using municipal water, a water softener is recommended to remove calcium.


Water heaters can suffer other misfires. Gas heaters might have issues with the gas valve or burner assembly. Electric heaters can encounter problems with the heating element or thermostat. All can be replaced. Milwaukee County residents frequently ask the question, are you better off just replacing the entire unit?


Some newer Milwaukee County homes have power vent water heaters, which might stop working for a totally different reason. Power vent heaters have a flame vapor sensor, which shuts off the burner if certain flammables – such as paint cans – are detected nearby. These water heaters are recognizable by a top blower connected to a PVC vent tube.


Many Milwaukee County homeowners ask about tankless water heaters. These units mount on a wall and, instead of storing hot water, heat it on demand. Theoretically they provide endless hot water. Their potential negative is cost. Installing one requires significant new plumbing infrastructure, which adds up.


Can you extend the life of your water heater? Sure. Drain a few gallons from its lower drain valve twice a year. This action removes sediment collected at the bottom of the tank.


It’s smart to look over your water heater monthly. Watch for changes in its appearance or, obviously, leaks. If something looks changed, and it’s getting older, consider having Kelly James Service replace the heater proactively. It’s better than facing a small flood!


If your hot water heater is leaking, shutting off, or just not producing as much hot water as you want, keep one name in mind: Kelly James Service. Their promise is to maximize your hot water, and minimize unwelcome surprises … such as wet feet.

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