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Smelly or Foul-Smelling Water?

Some unwelcome characteristics of a house's water are nearly impossible to ignore.


Homeowners of Jefferson County can notice reddish staining on fixtures – toilets, sinks, showers – points to elevated iron level. A bothersome aroma, like rotten eggs, points to beyond-acceptable sulfur level.


A single filter can solve both … and offer instant respite from these bothersome symptoms.


This filter system, typically labeled an iron water filter or sulfur filter for well water, fits into a home’s plumbing between the pressure tank and water softener. Its processes make water far more appealing, and much less problematic.


The iron filter system involves two fiberglass tanks. The first tank oxygenates water to shake out impurities; the second employs minerals to eliminate the impurities. Once done, the treated water goes into the water softener.


Installing a filter makes an instant transformation in home water properties. Water smells far more appealing. It won’t leave blemishes. Many Jefferson County homeowners wonder, “Why didn’t we do this before?”


Are you prepared? If you want a new or replacement iron/sulfur water filter in Jefferson County contact Kelly James Service. Its plumbing pros are experts at analyzing water problems, and offering solutions to ensure the absolute best water quality.


A filter system should be serviced every two to three years to clean out iron from the tanks. Correctly maintained, an iron filter or filter for sulfur water smell can last more than two decades.


A Jefferson County home’s water can change over time. Drilling a new well, for example, might draw from an underground water vein with different properties. If stains or smells show up later, a filter might be a smart investment.


Kelly James Service can test your water and suggest steps to improve it. We all use water – why not make it as good as it can possibly be?


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