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Your Well Pump Is Where?

Posted on Fri Oct 10th, 2014 at 4:56 pm

OK... who put the well pump under the kitchen cabinet?


In this cabin on Lac La Belle, the shallow well pump froze over the cold and frigid Wisconsin winter. The old shallow well pump cracked from freezing so we had to replace it with a new well pump. This pump happened to be installed below a kitchen cabinet – who would have thought to look there? Certainly not the people who bought the cabin.


In the same cabin the pipes where installed above a cabinet in the ceiling. They also froze so to repair these pipes we needed to drop the cabinet, repair the pipes and hang the cabinet on the wall again.



The owners asked us how he could prevent this from happening in the future. The solution was to have Kelly James Services winterize the whole cottage which included blowing the water out of the plumbing system and making sure all the fixtures are also water-free to in the spring you won't find any surprises.

We will also restart the plumbing in the spring – which can be more involved than just turning the water back on.


No matter if you live in North Praire, Hartland, New Berlin or Delafield, Kelly James Service is, "Your Well Pump Guy!"

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