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Hot Water On Demand

Posted on Fri Sep 12th, 2014 at 4:31 pm

No More Waiting for the Hot Water Heater To Fill Up Again


In this situation, the homeowner converted from a standard gas water heater to an on demand heater. The reason this smart homeowner made this decision is that they needed to put in a walk-in, therapeutic bathtub for medical reasons.


Their old water heater couldn't keep up with the demand for hot water. An on demand water heater is a better solution because it offers endless hot water when needed be it a bathtub, washing machines, dishwasher or shower.


In fact, an on demand water heater will allow the homeowner to run all of this equipment at the same time and deliver hot water to each.


No matter if you live in Brookfield, Wind Lake, in Lake County or Mukwonago, Kelly James Service is, "Your Well Pump Guy!"

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